Garment manufacturer from Republic of Moldova
Production and export of casual, sports, active and fashion wear for ladies
Let us introduce Vestra
Vestra is a clothes and apparel export-oriented company engaged in the production and export of casual, sports, active and fashion wear for ladies with an extensive experience of over 75 years. The manufacture is located in Bender, about 50 km from Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova.

With an advanced management concept, strict quality assurance system and well organized logistics, Vestra is able to manufacture quality merchandise and timely delivery making Vestra a preferred production partner for its clients. Since 1988 Vestra has been exporting garments and executing the production orders for: dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses, jackets, coats and rain coats to European market.
Key facts about us

If we were to tell you about Vestra having one minute of time only, these would be the facts that define us:
Established in 1944, we have an extensive experience of 75 years.
Our manufacturing capability is
around 10 thousand products monthly.
Four levels of systematic procedures for quality control.
Over 160 people in management, production and other positions.
Our company
We aim to become a globally recognized fashion supplier by offering the highest standard of service, top quality products and innovative style at competitive prices.
In order to introduce modern methods of corporate governance, strengthen the role of shareholders in strategic management and improve efficiency, in 2002 was approved a new organizational structure and Vestra became a closed Joint Stock Company with 25% of the authorized capital being state-owned by the PMR, 75% of the shares are owned by the labor collective of Vestra Sewing Firm CJSC.
Products range
The company specializes in the production of women's clothing, including coats, jackets, blazers, dresses, trousers, blouses, skirts from various types of fabrics. With a total workforce of about 160 people the volume of production is around 10 thousand products monthly, depending on the assortment.
Quality control
The company carries out a systematic procedure for monitoring and assessing the risks of the production process. In 2013, the company passed a safety and quality certification program BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). In 2019, the firm was audited by Benetton and Tory Burch Hong Kong Limited for compliance with the standards and requirements of labor legislation, protection, safety and and of finished products.
We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure of machinery and equipment, having available: 78 single and double needle lockstitch machines, 8 Double needle chainstitch machines knitting three-needle cover stitch machine, 34 3x,4x,5-thread overlocks, 13 special machines and 44 press-duplicating, steam generators and ironing tables.
The total land area owner by the company is 11127 sq, from which
the total area of the main and auxiliary production, office premises, and other facilities consists of 13476.49 sq. Facilities owned by the company are: three production facilities, administrative and trade complex, building complex and an autonomous boiler room building.
During it's journey over the last two decades, Vestra has achieved remarkable evolution and is now one of the major manufacturers and exporters of ready-made garments in the country. Being a fully-integrated vertical composite unit, from fabric delivery to the processing of garment, Vestra prides itself in offering to it's customers a one-stop solution to all garments demands.
Products range
Vestra has the expertise in processing of apparel for all seasons, both woven and knitted, mostly for ladies' wear in all age groups. The company's trained team provide clients with support and advice on all stages and aspects of design, product planning, testing, selection, packing and transportation.
Jackets and trousers
Skirts and blouses
All our products are fully complied for the Europe parameters of the product safety and the company can offer the tested certificates on demand. Vestra has work with quite a few clients and did their productions in an efficient and dedicated manner with a very focused approach and supreme level of commitment. Clients are mostly middle to high level retailers and producers.

Brands we partnered with
Over the years, VESTRA has achieved recognition in the garments industry, both locally and internationally, due to sincere professionalism and high quality standards. It is company's belief that the relationships developed over time with clients and peers are the most valuable asset and accomplishment.

For more than 30 years, the company has been successfully cooperating with foreign partners, fulfilling orders for companies from Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and Romania.

To express your interest, use any means of communication found below.
+373 777 86996
+373 552 20503
Republic of Moldova, MD3200
Tighina, 16 S. Lazo str.